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Wales Match Shirts

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Home (1992-94) versus Faroe Islands away WCQ 1993

This is Welsh goalscoring legend Ian Rush's match worn shirt from the World Cup Qualifying 3-0 win against the Faroe islands in Toftir, Svangaskard on 6th June 1993. The World Cup Qualifying campaign for USA '94 was another so near yet so far, heartbreaker for Wales. The win in the Faroe's completed the double over the qualifying groups whipping boys, and with 3 games to go left Wales in a strong position and one of the favourites to make the trip to the USA. But dropping points in the home draw in the next game against the RCS left them needing to beat Romania in the final game to secure qualification. And then the heartbreak! No Welshman needs to be reminded of what happened that fateful night in Cardiff, during November 1993.

The shirt itself is unique in the fact that for this game the Wales team actually wore Umbro replica shirts, but had a cloth embroidered national crest stitched over the replica embossed crest. The pictures clearly show the cloth patch stitched onto the shirt and the inside reverse of the badge showing the stitching surrounding the outline of the embossed replica badge. Because the shirt is a replica it also has the embossed Umbro logo, instead of the fully embroidered through the shirt diamond branding. It is not known why Wales played in replica's or why they went to the extent of applying a cloth crest. 

Ian Rush, who scored Wales third goal in the game, has also signed the shirt. There are not that many of these shirts around so i'm lucky to have one of the "one-off" variations in my collection.