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Wales Match Shirts

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 AWAY (from 2011/12 season)

Aaron Ramsey's Wales away horrendous slate grey match worn & unwashed -it was still damp and very smelly when we received it- shirt with a match specific captains armband from the Brazil 2014 World Cup Qualifier against Serbia in Karadjordje Stadium, Novi Sad, Serbia on 11th September 2012. Not only was the shirt horrendous but the result was as bad, a very embarrassing 6-1 defeat!!

The terrible colour shirt was actually the away style for the previous 2011/12 season but problems with suppliers JJB's, the retailer eventually went into administration, meant that the new style green & white halfed away shirt was not delivered in time for the trip. The previous season's shirt was used, it actually seeing its only senior team outting.