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Wales Match Shirts

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Away (1996-98) versus Holland 1996

Gary Speed's worn white Lotto away shirt from the shameful 7-1 defeat to Holland in the World Cup Qualifying match in Eindhoven on 9th November 1996. When Welsh football fans remember the dark days under the management of Bobby Gould, being reminded of this debarcle, just makes you realise how bad things were, and we had three more years of it to endure yet. 

The shirt was officially Lotto's first away shirt, unusual with the red "teeth" stripes to the front and the green patches to the top of the sleeves, but why was the red dash only applied to the left sleeve? Lotto had a certain love affair with the colour green, seemingly looking to add it to its first few away designs. Again why? Its not a traditional colour -only ever used by Umbro once before in 1973- and nor has it proved to be a lucky colour! It appears that the shambles under Bobby Gould had become contagious at kit manufacturers Lotto. Front numbers were introduced to Wales shirts for the first time in France 98 World Cup Qualifying campaign, but this particular font was only ever used for this one game. Gary has also signed the shirt to the front, maybe one he was quite keen to get rid of.