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Wales Match Shirts

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Away 3rd (1996-97) versus Turkey 1997

Nathan Blake's worn away green 3rd shirt from the amazing 6-4 defeat to Turkey in the World Cup Qualifying match on 20th August 1997. A remarkable game, 3-3 at half time, but Turkey doubled their goal tally in the second. After already conceding seven away in Holland another six against the Turks was to much for many in Wales to take. But Bobby Gould when facing quite a hostile group of fans post match, in his wisdom, was quoted as saying "why all the negativity, we scored four away from home!" More shameful was the treatment of Neville Southall, substituted at half time, in what turned out to be his 92nd and last cap for Wales.

A strange design of shirt that unsuprisingly with Lotto, worn only once by the first team. It followed the tradition used on the home shirt of applying front numbers, or rather squeezing them under the crest, something they didn't do on the Under 21 shirts of the same style, which were placed in the centre of the chest. The shirt was purchased from well known Welsh Memorabilia collector, Wayne "Cowboy" John, and the shorts purchased seperately from an ebay seller. They were never sold as Nathan Blakes but i bought them just because they were number 8's and went well with the match worn shirt.